Microblading Treatments at Ocean Beauty Salon

At Ocean Beauty Salon our Microblading treatment is a semi permanent make-up also known as eyebrow embroidery & originating in Asia. It is a way of producing the most natural finish to your eyebrows. The process involves inserting pigments under the thin outer layer of skin using a specially-designed small blade. Our beauty clinic in Plymouth can design a brow especially for you from a natural light brow to a beautiful bold brow. For more information on our microblading treatments then please get in touch today.

Microblading Treatment in Plymouth
Microblading Treatments in Plymouth

Microblading Powdered Brows

Including top up after 4 weeks


6 - 12 Month Top Up

Microblading top up


2 - 6 Month Top Up

Microblading top up


We offer Microblading Treatments in Plymouth, Devon.


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